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2012-03-05 19:34:59 by DeadlyPsycho1980

Hi guys,I'm new here,so don't be rough on me.I'll tell some stuff about me..So Im a BOY I'm NINE.I'm an ANIMATOR,I like STICK GAMES,and I am a fan of Phil,My FAVORITE ANIMATOR.


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2012-03-05 23:51:33

Nailed it, but you forgot all the spam that's in the riff-raff section now. (Ironically, taking away obvious links to it made them the majority, not the minority, of posters.) Have a look, especially around night hours:


2012-03-06 01:06:22

Phil, as in Terkoiz? :O He's cool. And AWESOME. Nuff said. :3
Anyways, I would like to see your stuffs soon! :D

DeadlyPsycho1980 responds:

Yes!!!That's Him!!!Phil As Terkoiz!!:D